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New Zealand doubles oil exploration areas

02 Apr 2014
The New Zealand government has doubled the country’s available land and sea for oil and gas exploration. The total area is now 405,000 square kilometres, which amounts to 1.4 times New Zealand’s entire surface area.

Simon Bridges, the Energy and Resources Minister for the country has spoken about the motivations behind the expansion. He cites companies as needing maximum surface area to give them an increased chance of making a discovery. The area will then be reduced as the companies hone in on their interest.

The areas being offered include onshore parts of the East Coast, Taranaki and the West Coast; and offshore areas near Cape Reinga, the New Caledonia Basin and land on the East Coast, Taranaki and the West Coast.

Companies are now invited to develop prospective plans for the area and those who are successful will be awarded contracts to proceed with exploration.

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