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Ohio PUC States Smart Meters More Accurate than Analog Devices

22 Sep 2011

A recent study requested by the Ohio Public Utility Commission (PUC) confirmed the accuracy of Echelon’s smart meters, with all those tested found to meet the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) accuracy standards.


Over the past year, numerous consumer advocacy groups in the United States, particularly in California, have voiced concerns that inaccurate data collected by smart meters has resulted in increased utility bills. In most cases, those new meters were found to be accurate. The Ohio testing and verification, conducted by MetaVu, show that Echelon smart meters are also accurately and reliably delivering meter data to utilities.

Paul Alvarez, leader of MetaVu’s utility practice and the Ohio deployment assessment project, says, “Not only were the Echelon meters well within the manufacturer’s specifications, certified test lab Alliance Calibration found they were much more accurate than the meters being replaced.”

Echelon’s senior vice president for utility sales and market development, Michael Anderson, notes, “Meter reliability and accuracy are critical to our customers. We’re proud that many of our customers have reported nearly 100 percent reliability. MetaVu’s study affirms our commitment to providing a quality product, and our millions of meters in the field illustrate our customers’ trust in Echelon technology.”

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