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Opus Energy Study Shows Support for Smart Meters

01 May 2012

A recent study by Opus Energy found that 15 percent of the UK’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) business leaders have a smart meter installed. By comparison, Opus Energy has installed 25 percent of SME customers with smart meter technology.

The study interviewed 500 SME leaders and found that most companies saw several advantages of having a meter installed including they produce accurate meter readings and bills;; smart meters would encourage business owners to think more about energy saving; and real-time visibility of their energy consumption.

Opus Energy’s Managing Director, Charlie Crossley Cooke, notes, “Smart meters will be one of this decade’s biggest industry innovations. Customers with smart meters are five times less likely to complain as a result of bill transparency. This means that we can decrease our service delivery costs and continue to offer customers competitive prices for our energy.”

Sport and athletics shop, TriRunning, has recently signed up to Opus Energy. Managing Director Gabrielle Deere, says, “As a start-up we weren’t sure how much we would be charged for energy. We all know that estimates can be drastically over or under actual power usage, so we wanted to make sure we were in control of our energy bills from the start. We wanted to get a smart meter to keep track of our usage. We found that Opus Energy’s offering really suited us because they installed a smart meter for free.”

Opus Energy goals is to place the meters in all of its customers’ premises, and it has offered free smart meters to existing businesses which have not yet converted.

Crossley Cooke adds: “Our survey results show that 59 percent of the SME leaders that we questioned look to their energy company to inform them about smart meters. Due to the success of Opus’s own ongoing smart meter roll-out, we are surprised that more SMEs have not yet made the switch.”