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Petra Solar Introduces Smart Street Lighting Technology

13 Oct 2011

Petra Solar has launched its IllumiWave smart street lighting energy management solutions, which enable cities and other street lighting providers to implement energy efficiency and conservation policies while also increasing savings.

 The IllumiWave street light control system features two-way smart grid wireless communications, enabling remote control and management of widely distributed street lights from a central location. Users can remotely schedule street lights to turn off or dim at predetermined times for maximum energy conservation.  Energy consumption data and analytics are also provided through a secure web-based communications module of Petra Solar’s IntelliView smart energy management system, which can be used for load control and disaster response programs.
According to Petra Solar the IllumiWave devices “create a meshed smart grid communications network, which can work in tandem with Petra Solar’s SunWave pole-mount smart solar systems to transform street lights from a cost center into a revenue generator over the life of the system.”

Dr. Shihab Kuran, Petra Solar President and CEO, explains, “IllumiWave uniquely combines smart grid communications and intelligence for remote monitoring, command and control of streetlights to promote energy efficiency and savings worldwide for municipalities and other street lighting providers. Having access to control the energy consumption of scores of streetlights every day not only gives a customer tremendous savings, it also enables environmental benefits associated with energy efficiency.”

Decreasing the amount of time street lights are on lowers energy consumption, extends bulb life, and reduces maintenance service calls. Organizations can also manage bulb outages with automated alerts rather than relying on the traditional reporting by customers.

Founded in 2006 Petra Solar provides technology that combines distributed solar energy generation with Smart Grid communications and improved grid reliability features to create a utility grade solution that delivers the economic value for solar power. The SunWave system ties distributed clean energy into the electric grid. For more information, visit