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Renewable energy projects gain momentum in Malaysia

02 Aug 2016

Interest in Malaysia’s renewable energy projects is on the rise, according to recent report released by RAM Ratings. 

RAM outlines its analytical framework on rating debt securities issued by RE producers, with a focus on the risks faced by solar photovoltaic, biomass (including waste to energy), and hydro power plants in Malaysia.

“In Malaysia, the sector has been dominated by large-scale hydro power plants; the installed capacity of renewable energy stood at 6,083MW in 2015, constituting 23 per cent of the national capacity mix,” said the group in a statement. “Excluding the large hydro power plants, renewable projects projects – solar photovoltaic, biomass (including waste to energy) and small hydro power plants – only comprised two per cent of the portfolio mix.”

Although the sector is still at a embryonic stage in Malaysia, RAM mentioned that the government has been encouraging the use of renewable energy through the Sustainable Energy Development Authority of Malaysia, which provides strong regulatory support to this industry. 

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