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Richard Branson eyes commercial supersonic travel

17 Nov 2016
CEO and Founder of Virgin, Sir Richard Branson has unveiled a prototype supersonic aeroplane that is expected to be 100mph faster than Concorde. 

Virgin has reportedly joined forces with US firm Boom to re-launch passenger flights that can break the sound barrier for the first time since Concorde’s mission failure in 2003. 

Once completed, the Boom jet which can hold 40 passengers will be able to fly from London to New York in just three and a half hours. 

“I have long been passionate about the development of high-speed commercial flights,” said Branson. 

This new model will be one-third scale version of the Boom, and will take its first test next year, with commercial Boom flights expected to begin in 2023. The Boom is expected to fly on 500 routes; starting with London to New York, San Francisco to Tokyo and Los Angeles to Sydney.

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