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Russia to build two nuclear reactors in Iran

07 Jan 2016
Next week, Russia will begin constructing two nuclear reactors in Bushehr, Iran. Iran currently operates one Russian-built nuclear reactor in Bushehr and it was Iran’s first civilian nuclear power plant. The new projects are expected to be built within the same region.

"Iran and Russia have a long history, and we are trusted partners for each other,” said Iran’s International Cooperation department chief, Victor Kladov.

The project follows a series of deals made between Iran and Russia, where the total number of Russian-built reactors will increase to nine in 2016. Iran’s nuclear industry has rapidly grown thanks to foreign collaboration, officials say.

"We invite all economic actors in the country, all Iranians living abroad, all foreign companies that want to cooperate with Iran to profit from this opportunity to come to our country, which is the most secure in the region,” said Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani.

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