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Russia to build world’s first floating nuclear power plant

10 Oct 2016
Russia has begun work on the world’s first floating power plant which is set to provide heat and power to the nation’s most remotest regions. 

Construction on the dock which will host the floating plant began on Wednesday and will be finalised by October 2019, according to contractor company Zapsibgidrostroy. 

The £387 billion plant will be known as Akademik Lomonosov and have the capacity of 75MW which is approximately twice as much as some land-based power-plants. The plant will also have a living quarters for 70 engineers that will permanently be aboard the nuclear power plant. 

Professor Georgy Tikhomirov of Moscow Engineering Physics Institute said: “It's like a journey on a cruise ship. The staff will be living on the platform in four-star hotel conditions, with all the amenities, because they have to spend a whole year in the cabins.”

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