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Saudi Electric awards €3.4 million smart meter contract

11 Mar 2015

Avantha Group Company has been awarded a contract by Saudi Electricity Company to supply ZIV three phase smart meters worth €3.4 million.

Saudi Electricity Company is the largest power utility company in the Middle East, serving five million customers in Saudi Arabia, and this contract marks an important step into smart grid deployment in the region.

The Saudi electricity market is the largest in the Arab world, with a peak of 53,864MW in 2013. Demand for electricity is expected to increase by nearly 8% in the coming years, driven by the country's growing population and industrial output.

This project will play an important part in the implementation of new technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs of energy production and consumption in Saudi Arabia.

Avantha Group Company has become a key provider of smart meters in the region and an important player in the global smart grid market.