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Siemens to supply equipment for 50MW solar power plant in Spain

07 Jul 2011
Siemens Energy has secured an order from UTE Termosolar Olivenza to supply equipment for a 50MW concentrated solar power plant in Extremadura, Spain.
The Termosolar Olivenza 1 parabolic trough power plant will be built in the town of Olivenza (Badajoz) and includes 123 loops of parabolic trough collectors.
Siemens said its scope of supply encompasses the turnkey solar field, including the solar receivers.
UTE Termosolar Olivenza is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the facility, which is owned by Ibereolica Solar Olivenza.
The solar plant is planned to begin operation by the end of 2012, and is expected to generate sufficient electricity to power about 50,000 Spanish households.
Siemens Business Unit Solar Thermal Energy CEO Avi Brenmille said Siemens is able to design, construct and integrate flexible solar fields to address the project-specific needs of its customers.