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Silver Spring Networks Extends Relationship with Oklahoma Utility

22 Jan 2013

Silver Spring Networks has extended its relationship with Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and continues to promote OG&E’s Positive Energy Smart Grid program, which uses Silver Spring’s standards-based Smart Energy Platform that includes the SmartHours DR initiative.

SmartHours includes technologies such as Silver Spring’s CustomerIQ consumer engagement solution to empower its customers to shift energy consumption, save money and reduce peak demand.

Silver Springs reports that the SmartHours program encourages customers “to shift their energy use to off-peak hours. The first demand response program in the world to take advantage of the smart grid, the OG&E initiative is successfully reducing peak demand and saving consumers money today, all while boosting customer satisfaction. Since opening the program to all its customers, OG&E has enrolled more than 44,000 users, has helped program participants save an average of $191 each, and delivered more than 67 megawatts of load reduction in 2012.”Matt Smith, Silver Spring Networks Head of Demand Side Management, notes, “Silver Spring congratulates Oklahoma Gas and Electric on its continued dedication to superior customer service and its deployment of solutions that enable greater energy savings and consumer choice and control. We are proud to be the solution provider for OG&E’s pioneering, smart grid-based demand response and consumer empowerment programs. The positive customer feedback, cost savings and energy conservation realized is a true testament to OG&E’s groundbreaking SmartHours program.”

OG&E managing director customer solutions Ken Grant adds: “OG&E has always prioritized customer choice in designing our energy programs. We believe that educating and empowering our customers to expand their role in energy savings has been vital to our program’s success. Silver Spring’s innovative technology has helped us achieve these goals.”