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SolarEdge partners with Tecno Spot to offer solar solutions in Italy

15 Sep 2011

SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of distributed solar power harvesting and photovoltaic (PV) monitoring solutions, has partnered with Tecno Spot to expand its activity in Italy.

The SolarEdge power harvesting solutions that will be offered include module-integrated power optimizers, solar inverters and a monitoring portal.

The SolarEdge solutions enables Tecno Spot to provide installers and system owners, the benefits of an easy and flexible design.

Tecno Spot will also offer optimal site space utilization real-time module-level performance monitoring, a reduced cost of maintenance and improved safety, which all lead to a faster return on investment.

Tecno Spot is an Italian distributor with European presence, focused on quality of products and specialized technical support pre and post-sales.

Last year, Tecno Spot distributed in Italy nearly 50MWp of modules and 140MW of inverters and accessories.