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South America's smart grid to see $38bn investment

17 Aug 2015

According to research by Northeast Group, South American investment in smart grid infrastructure is expected to hit $38.b billion in the next decade.

By 2025 the region will have significantly invested in advanced metering infrastructure, distribution automation, wide area measurement, home energy management and information technology.

Leading this growth is Brazil, which has several pilot projects that have been launched over the last decade. Plans for over three million new advanced metering devices and several smart city projects are keeping the country at the forefront of development in the region.

Much of this investment has been driven by the need to tackle several issues plaguing the continent, including electricity theft, low reliability and operational infrastructure. The Northeast report shows that nearly 10% of South America’s electricity is stolen.

The immediate benefits of an improved smart grid infrastructure are clear to see, making South America an appealing location for investment.