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Susquehanna nuclear plant unit 1 resumes operations

07 Jun 2012

PPL Susquehanna has announced that the unit 1 of its Susquehanna nuclear power plant has resumed operations following a planned refueling and maintenance outage in US.


The nuclear plant located in Luzerne County about seven miles north of Berwick, in Pennsylvania, has two units that together can generate 2,500MW of energy.

PPL Susquehanna senior vice president and chief nuclear officer Timothy S Rausch said the focus on the long-term safe operation of the plant guides decisions on equipment issues such as these.

"Going into the refueling outage, we proactively planned the Unit 1 turbine inspection, and were well-prepared for the blade replacement work we conducted," Rausch said.

The planned outage of Unit 1 included many maintenance tasks and upgrades and replacement of about 40% of the uranium fuel.

Workers also replaced the turbine blades that had indications of cracks during an inspection.

The company also shut down the unit 2 of the nuclear plant for a planned outage and inspected the unit 2 turbine for any cracks on the blade and finally determined the blades need not be replaced.

The company plans to install more diagnostic equipment on the turbines of both Susquehanna units to validate the suspected causes currently under engineering review.

The nuclear plant is co-owned by PPL Susquehanna and Allegheny Electric Cooperative and is operated by PPL Susquehanna.