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Tenesol Provides 500 PV Systems for Smart Grid Project

20 Sep 2011

Solar power provider Tenesol will deploy 500 photovoltaic (PV) systems and 250 converters for the new MILLENER project to develop a French smart grid. Funded by the French government, the four year, €30 million project will enable homes to supply and manage their own electricity with the support of renewable energy.

The project, which allows more demand-side power management for homes and supports the local electricity grid, covers some of France’s overseas territories. The project will roll out 1,000 energy management systems in total. Tenesol has been involved in the project from the start and will use its expertise and 27 years’ experience in French overseas markets to execute it.

“The scale of this project shows the French government’s commitment to smart grid networks that work with renewable energy,” says Benoit Rolland, managing director of Tenesol. “The use of solar energy storage systems will empower households and enable individuals to manage and generate their own electricity supply. It provides an electricity supply that is sustained and controlled.”

The first deployments installations of the project will be on the islands of La Réunion and Corsica, along with some other French island territories. In these areas energy storage systems used with photovoltaic systems is a preferred method of improving the integration of renewable energy sources. All the installations will have a direct telecom link to the local power grid operator. MILLENER allows residential PV systems to store unused energy in a battery, which can be used at night or sold to the local electricity grid.

French overseas territories are being used for this project because of their three to five percent annual growth in energy consumption and because of their power grid instability. The PV systems will have a maximum power output of 3 kWp and will be installed on residential rooftops. The deployment is expected to be finished by early 2012, followed by testing and analysis.