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Texas Instruments New Solution Provides Enhanced Wireless Smart Meter Connectivity

24 May 2012

Texas Instruments has introduced a new line of sub-1 GHz RF performance products that provide connectivity for low-power wireless applications in a variety of industries including security, industrial, building automation, and smart grid.

The sub-1 GHz RF performance line family—which includes the CC1120 and CC1121 transceivers and CC1175 transmitter—meets the most stringent RF requirements and is able to filter out other RF sources better than any other product currently on the market. The products’ range reaches far beyond six miles (10 km) and provides maximum indoor penetration. That gives developers and consumers end products with reliable wireless links that are resistant to disturbances from other nearby wireless systems. These products can be more than 30 times closer to other RF systems and potential connection interference than competitive products. The benefit is that a variety of connected devices can coexist in one environment.

Erling Simensen, TI’s product marketing manager for Low Power Radio Frequency (LPRF), says, the sub-1 GHz RF performance line “is a key enabler of long-range, low-power wireless connectivity that provides uninterrupted, reliable user experiences regardless of the other wireless devices in the environment. Consider the fact that one household can contain more than ten wirelessly connected devices in the same space -- from family members’ smartphones and health monitors to the home’s smart meter, alarm system and more. Frequency is a limited resource, and these devices must communicate on the same bands while filtering out other RF traffic. Our sub-1 GHz RF performance line achieves this, and maximizes RF robustness for the best user experience.”

The sub-1 GHz RF performance line is available from TI and through authorized distributors.