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The Future's Big!

15 Jul 2013

The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe has got some competition in the form of a wind turbine! The turbine will be the world’s biggest and will stand at a record breaking 335 meters, making it seven times the height of Nelson’s Column.

The blades of this turbine will be approximately 125m long, sitting on a tower up to 213m high, making it 335m high, and taller than the iconic Shard, which stands at just over 300m.

The project is being developed with £25 million of funding from the European Union, and scientists claim a single super turbine would be capable of providing electricity for a year for almost 20,000 households.

The project’s coordinator, Peter Hjuler Jensen of the Technical University of Denmark has said that although this is currently a unique project, turbines like this one are on the increase. Within the next 10 years, we will be seeing many more projects of this size across Europe. The biggest wind turbines are currently capable of producing approximately 8MW using blades about 180ft long, further demonstrating the potential for large scale projects such as this one.

The project involves 27 different institutions including scientists at three British Universities; Sheffield, Strathclyde and Bristol, and will run for five years.

Mr Jensen also explained that more turbines of this kind would most likely be built out at sea, and would require new techniques for building foundations more efficiently and more cheaply. In addition, Mr Jensen noted The Great Plains of the US as ideal locations for turbines of this size.

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