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The Importance of Mobile Recruiting

25 Jun 2013

With the increase in mobile devices, the ways in which we can search for and apply to jobs has become much more diverse. The increase of smart phones and tablets in particular has made social recruiting easily accessible and an essential for the ‘always on’ generation.

Last year saw the use of mobile devices increase by 103% and the effects of this can be seen across the recruitment industry, with candidates and clients being able to access jobs boards and recruiter websites from their optimised handsets.

If a recruitment agency is able to contact and inform prospective candidates and job seekers via a mobile device, then that opens up their services to make them accessible anytime, anywhere. This is something that would undoubtedly appeal to those who would like to move from the job they are currently in, but do not want to search for new jobs from a work computer. There is a level of privacy that comes with having a personal mobile device, and this is an important factor for many when dealing with their careers.

We are all governed by our time constraints and this way of job hunting means that much of the groundwork can be done on the go, saving time and ultimately saving money.

Perhaps the group who will utilise this service the most are those workers who are rarely at a desktop computer. Whether they are on-site and are unable to gain access to a computer, or they simply do not have time to job search whilst working, this kind of technology gives them the opportunity to have first insights into those companies who are recruiting and current vacancies, and in most cases can apply to the job straight from their mobile device too.

If you have a mobile job, you need mobile access, allowing you to be better prepared and make more informed decisions quickly. The use of mobile devices in this way has become a necessity, not a luxury, and is intrinsic in the running of our lives.