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The must-have energy industry apps

26 Jun 2015

Whether you work offshore or in remote areas we know that working in the energy industry means you are always on the move.

The need for on-the-go apps and services is higher than ever before so to keep you ahead of the game we have put together our top picks – all of which are free to download and use. 

  The Expense Expert – Expensify

Giving you the advantage when it comes to tracking your expenses, Expensify allows you to keep tabs on any kind of expense as well as billable time and mileage, and its’ easy receipt capture means you can take a snap of your receipt and add it to one of your reports.

This clever app can also be used if you’re offline – an added bonus if you’re always out of reception! 

Download on iTunes and Google Play


 The Currency Calculator – XE Currency  

Access live exchange rates, view historical charts and calculate prices all from this app. With over 180 currencies at your fingertips you will always be able to access the tools you need when it comes to converting your money. 

Download on iTunes and Google Play


  The Storage Superhero – Drop Box

Centralise all of your documents, files and photos with the Drop Box app. Whether you are on your phone, tablet or desktop computer, your Drop Box will synchronise and always allow you access to your saved files. An invaluable tool if you switch between devices or need access to important documents when you’re on the move. 

Download on iTunes and Google Play


  The Personal Assistant – WorldMate

This app is like having your own personal assistant with its’ wide selection of tools and capabilities.

The WorldMate app organises flights, hotels, car rentals and transportation and integrates them into a single itinerary. Perfect for someone who is jumping from meeting to meeting, WorldMate can also give you tips on restaurants and nightlife nearby using its’ integration with Yelp.

But the secret talent of this app is its’ ability to see if any of your Linkedin connections are nearby, keeping you connected even when you’re out of your usual network. 

Download on iTunes and Google Play 

  The Role Resourcer – Spencer Ogden Jobs

Finding your next job in energy is easier than ever with this simple app. Precise search filtering, relevant job alerts and a one touch PAYE calculator to estimate take home pay make this app the simplest way to find your next role.

Covering all energy sectors, the app also features industry news that will keep you clued up whilst on the move. 

Download on iTunes, Google Play, Windows and Kindle Fire


 The Game Changer – SO Play  

For filling the time whilst waiting at airports and travelling to meetings we have the SO Play game app. This colourful game lets out your inner child as you take control of planes, helicopters, boats and trucks and navigate them across energy projects around the world.
The live leader board allows you to get competitive, but reaching the different levels and increasing your top score will have you hooked!

Download on iTunes.