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The next multi-billion-dollar trend in oil & gas

10 Nov 2015

As crude oil prices continue to plummet, getting more oil out of the ground faster and cheaper is driving industry innovation.

Plasma Pulse Technology (PPT) is one of the favourites poised to make major gains right now, proving its prowess recently with a successful treatment of a well for the Kuwait Oil Company that resulted in an 85% increase in production.

The key is getting more oil out of the ground cost-effectively. In the case of PPT, the process has proven to increase a well's potential for up to a year with a single treatment that takes only a few hours.

The technology doesn't open rock like fracking; rather, it comes in afterwards and cleans up well bores to clear the pathway for oil to flow faster and more efficiently to the surface. On an environmental level, it is friendly -- making it a sure sell in today's market.