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The Ogden Trust interns experience the world of energy recruitment

26 Aug 2015

At Spencer Ogden we have a huge focus on nurturing young talent and ensuring that our people get the best training in order to develop their career with us. We also offer an internship programme alongside The Ogden Trust, where talented young people have the opportunity to put their passion and knowledge to the test in a real life office working environment.

The Ogden Trust was set up by Spencer Ogden co-founder, Sir Peter Ogden. Back in 1998, Peter Ogden transferred £22.5 million of his personal wealth to a new trust fund to help very able students who were from less-well-off families access various educational opportunities.
The trust has grown from there and now has a particular focus on science – specifically the teaching and learning of physics – reflecting Peter Ogden’s own academic and scientific interests. The trust provides scholarships to talented students as well as forging links to universities.

This is where Spencer Ogden comes in. Each year the London office hosts some of the Ogden Trust’s protégés for an internship where they can experience working within the world of energy recruitment. This year, Matty O’Toole and Kate Marles left the comfort of uni for the buzz of SO’s HQ to hopefully gain some insight into how they could develop their careers within the energy industry using their strong background and interest in science as a springboard.
Both Kate and Matty described some of the highlights of their time at SO and cited the experience as being incredibly valuable in terms of knowledge gained and skills developed. Unsurprisingly, both found that being thrown into an office environment was daunting, but rewarding, and they learned quickly how to work with their teams. Although the Ogden Trust interns come with a wealth of knowledge of science, a knowledge of recruitment is unlikely, so understanding the technical, contractual and human elements which make up recruitment were quickly a part of their everyday work.

As well as learning to write a strong CV, practising talking to people in a professional context and realising the value of communication, the Ogden Trust interns had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work in the energy industry by talking to clients and candidates about their careers.

Matty said, “I enjoyed talking to interesting people all over the world. Many would talk enthusiastically about the projects they were working on and their career. Talking to these professionals gave me a valuable insight into different career paths and progression within the oil and gas industry.”

The energy industry is an appealing one for many people with a strong interest in sciences and so being thrown into an environment where finding about potential career paths has proved a fruitful experience for our interns. Kate said, “I found that I was looking forward to talking to candidates, not only about the role I was working, but to learn more about the market as a whole.”

We thoroughly enjoyed having the Ogden Trust interns on the sales floor, getting stuck into recruitment, office life, and most importantly gaining a real insight into how they might like to develop their career as a result.