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The Top Oil & Gas books available on Kindle

24 Jul 2013

Last month we launched our Spencer Ogden Jobs App – the first mobile recruitment app targeted at the entire energy skills sector. As well as being free to download and use, and available on IOSAndroid and Windows, the app is also now available on Kindle Fire, and can be downloaded here.
In addition to the Spencer Ogden Jobs App, the energy industry has some great books that you can download onto your Kindle too! 

  Start with Oil by Vaclav Smil. This book gives you facts, insights and debate about the world’s most controversial resource!  

  Daniel Yergin’s The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money and Power.

The book is more than just a breakdown of the history of oil business and politics. As the chapters unfold you learn more about the roots of my of the laws governing pivotal issues in the oil industry over the last 100 years! 

   Don’t Tell Mum I work on the Rigs by Paul Carter

This laugh a minute book follows Carter’s adventures as he works on various oil rigs around the world, finding humour in his hostile environment.

About the Spencer Ogden Jobs App….

The colourful app is updated in real time with vacancies in the eight sectors for which Spencer Ogden recruits: Oil & Gas,Renewables,Power,Smart, Nuclear, Energy TradingMining and Energy Finance.

The app allows you to create personal profiles, browse jobs, upload CVs and apply!

You can filter searches by sector, location and salary, and break down the returned vacancies into contract and permanent. A salary slider tool also enables you to set expectations, and a one-touch PAYE calculator gives an indication of take-home pay.
Sector specific news is also featured on the app, as well as offers from Spencer Ogden, Consultant contact details, and more!