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There's More Than Coffee to Fuel Your Career...

12 Sep 2013
What makes a great place to work? Is it the offices? The staff? Or simply the size of your salary? A lot of companies can offer their employees these things. At Spencer Ogden, we want our employees to love coming to work and to feel motivated to succeed, so we offer some fantastic incentives to do just that.

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Las Vegas

Undoubtedly one of the best incentives we have are our annual holidays for our top billing consultants and graduates. Whether it’s Las Vegas for Europe’s top billers, Cabo for America’s MVPs or Ibiza for Asia’s finest, the all expenses paid trips are unforgettable and give consultants an incredible incentive to strive for!

Ibiza Office

Coming in a close second is our fantastic Ibiza office! All of our consultants have the opportunity to work from our Ibiza office for a week if they hit their targets for 3 consecutive months. Every year Spencer Ogden fly over 50 people to the world’s clubbing capital to unwind on Bora Bora Beach or party in Pacha!

SO Elite

The invitation only SO Elite Club gives you exclusive access to everything from luxury company apartments to membership to a Private Member’s club of your choice. This bespoke club was only introduced to Spencer Ogden this summer and its exclusive members are already enjoying a boosted commission structure, flexible hours and Killer Biller status within Spencer Ogden!

Global Offices with the chance to relocate

Spencer Ogden is a global company, with 9 offices around the world, including Dubai, Hong Kong and Houston, and we are continuing to expand rapidly. Because of this, there is a great opportunity for employees to relocate if they perform well and would like to experience working in our global offices.

Generous Commission Structure

Spencer Ogden offers a generous commission structure from day one, and Junior Consultants also have the chance to increase their base salary monthly if they are hitting their targets and proving themselves to the company.

Rapid Career Progression

As well as striving for SO Elite, consultants can progress within the company quickly, becoming Principal Consultant and Team Leader within their first year and even Manager if they continue to demonstrate their dedication to Spencer Ogden.

Unique Offices

Style and innovation are focal to our office design. From Bluetooth technology and cloud based systems, to punch bags, basketball hoops and American style diners for kitchens, we aspire to retain the originality that has made Spencer Ogden so successful.

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