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Trung Son Hydropower to construct hydro plant in Vietnam

25 Oct 2012

Vietnam-based Trung Son Hydropower has agreed to construct the Trung Son Hydropower Plant in partnership with Samsung C&T Corporation and Construction Company 47.


Trung Son Hydropower Plant, located on the Ma River in Thanh Hoa, will have a projected capacity of 260MW to annually deliver 1.55 billion kWh to the national power grid.

The project is expected to cost $410m, wherein the World Bank is providing 80% of the amount totaling $295.2m, reported Viet Nam News.

Trung Son Hydropower project aims to meet the growing domestic electricity demand and marks the first investment from World Bank for a hydropower project in Vietnam.

A subsidiary of Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN), Trung Son will undertake dam and ancillary construction, transmission line creation, social and environment impact management and capacity development, projected to complete by 2018.

EVN expects to enhance the plant's