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U.S solar energy boom adds 35,000 jobs

18 Jan 2016

Employment growth within the solar energy sector is no accident and newly released figures are supporting the welcoming shift. A report published by the Solar Jobs Census has found that the U.S. added 35,000 jobs to the solar energy industry in 2015. Overall, the solar jobs market rose by 20 percent and the total number of jobs reached to 209,000.

This year alone, the industry is expected to grow by 14.7%, which is 15 times faster than the U.S. economy’s forecasted expansion for 2016.

“From a jobs perspective, the real selling point is that these are inherently local jobs that pay above the average national wage with an opportunity for mobility without significant amounts of training or education,” said The Solar Foundation’s Executive Director, Andrea Luecke.

Many officials are now encouraging workers with transferrable skills from other sectors to begin applying for available roles within the solar sector.

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