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University of Central Texas opens biggest Solar Energy Centre

02 Jul 2013

Texas A&M University-Central Texas is opening the doors for what it claims will be the world's biggest solar energy test facility, a 50 MW undertaking spanning both commercial demonstrations and testing, with an incubator program to nurture newer technologies.

The system will also produce all of the university's power requirements, housing enough renewable energy to power the entire campus.

With a predicted cost of over $600 million, the project will cover up to 800 acres in Bell County, Texas, and will be built in "Blocks". One financier has already committed $25 million to build out the first block.

Besides the 50 MW solar tech evaluation, the Centre for Solar Energy will also be home to a National Photovolatic Innovation Competition and a Next-Generation Solar Technology Business Incubator, to identify and support early-stage solar technologies at, or near, the prototyping stage. with the goal to bring the best of them from concept to market within two years.