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VW target 1 million electrified vehicles by 2025

31 May 2016
To fulfill increasingly strict carbon dioxide emission limits in major markets Volkswagen Group expects it will have to sell about 1 million battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles a year worldwide by 2025

"It's simple - the CO2 legislation in the various regions will mean every OEM is compelled to offer e-mobility," said Thomas Lieber, VW brand's head of complete vehicle development for electrified cars.

The 1 million figure is extrapolated upward to meet CO2 targets that VW Group expects to have in 2025, he said, "for example through draft legislation in China."

VW Group's sales of EVs and plug-in hybrids are small. VW brand expects to build about 12,100 e-Golfs and 13,400 Golf GTEs this year. By comparison, Toyota last year sold 75,400 Prius plug-in hybrids and Renault-Nissan sold 85,000 electric vehicles worldwide. VW brand production chief Thomas Ulbrich claims VW could build as many as 75,000 battery electric and plug-in hybrids a year if demand rises. Using existing manufacturing lines VW's e-Golf and Golf GTE only need about one hour of additional work than Golf-derived models such as the Tiguan crossover.

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