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World's largest solar power plant contract awarded to Chinese company Zoenergy

23 Apr 2015

Pakistan has awarded a $1.5 billion contract for its largest solar power project to Zoenergy Company Ltd, a Chinese firm.

The project is located in Bahawalpur, and has a capacity of 900MW and is the largest solar power project in the world. The first 50MW unit will be brought into production in August this year, followed by another 250MW in December. Following that, 100MW will then be added each month, with the full 900MW capacity being available by the end of next year.

Zoenergy has addressed concerns over Pakistan’s national grid’s conversion system to ensure it is capable of dealing with changing renewable energy sources.

Approximately 1.271bn KWh of electricity is predicted to be generated annually from the solar power plant, and will create over 3000 new jobs in the region.