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The supplier performs the following tasks:

  • The Contract Manager is the entry point of the AREVA subcontractor in charge of the execution of the contract(s) of the perimeter concerned
  • Supplier management
  • Contributes to the proper administration of works contracts
  • Delivery of deliverables on time according to the aforementioned rules, with reliable information and schedules established during execution, Identification of critical milestones in the execution of the contract ( documentary, procurement, manufacturing),
  • Definition of the documentary batches associated with the crossing of each physical milestone in collaboration with project, engineering, quality,

Implementation of Gate Reviews for critical steps in the execution of the order(s)/Contract(s),

  • Alert to the project and designated SCM representatives in case of planning or budget drift (with action plan to correct),
  • reports events with cost and/or schedule impact attributable to the CLIENT and organizes the compilation of associated information
  • Participation in task forces decided by the project,
  • Proposal of action plans (on problematic topics : technical or planning) to the Project and monitoring of their implementation,
  • Consolidation and synthesis of multi EPR™ projects,
  • Contractual management of the order (endorsements, claim etc.),
  • Prepares (and/or investigates) claims files from subcontractors or to subcontractors
  • Research and consolidation of past feedback to anticipate
  • Writing NAR and AWO with the EM Package supervisor, negotiating subcontractor quotes and managing their management
  • prepares and facilitates monthly review meetings with subcontractors
  • updates the weekly meeting minutes live
  • checks the supporting documents of the invoices and forms an opinion on their consistency with the reality of the physical progress calculated according to the contractual procedure
  • ensures contractual correspondence with the subcontractor (initiation of services, notification of delay, crossing of jalon in accordance with the terms of the contract, minutes of meetings, letters dissatisfaction,... )
  • feeds the REX Site in the field of administration of works contracts
  • Prepares updating the PFR for the part Markets of works (valorization of the remainder to be done) and Writes the note variance