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Activities to be carried out as part of the service: Identification of risks: Using the 3D model, calculation methodologies and fire requirements issued by the architect engineer or the client :

  • Analysing the 3D model and identification of the various combustible materials present in each area
  • Performing temperature change calculations over time for a simulated fire (modelling of various situations using the MAGIC software)
  • Assessing the risk of damage to certain systems (functional redundancy)
  • Monitoring and including in the models the changes issued by all the engineering teams (change of positioning of cable trays, electrical cabinets, ventilation ducts, etc.) Fire protection:
  • Recommending protection solutions to prevent an outbreak of fire or to make it improbable
  • Dividing all buildings into zones for fire protection purposes.
  • Recommending fire detection and firefighting methods for the quickest possible detection and response
  • Performing fire protection calculations using specific software
  • Assessing and providing justifications for departures from BS999