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Head of R&D( Advanced Ceramic)

  • Job type: Permanent
  • Job reference: : S883017HKSL
  • Location: China, china
  • Sector: Mechanical Engineering, R and D
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Date posted: 09/08/2016
This vacancy has now expired.
Required Skills

Key Duties & Responsibilities

· Review and optimize the company existing direct nitriding process technologies and systems on site, provide feasible suggestions in technical and/or managerial aspects to enhance safety, upgrade quality, lower cost, increase output, etc.

· Undertake projects of optimizing existing process technologies or equipment. With reference to state-of-art technology and consideration of the practical condition of the company, research and develop feasible schemes, and apply them to the silicon nitride industry to solve complex problems which affect quality, cost and output greatly.

· May independent develop or cooperate with local companies, universities, or research institutes to develop nitrides powder, PV new process technologies and products(refer to silicon nitride ball and bearing) which have promising commercialization future, and apply them to the nitrides production site according the practical condition.

· Based on the company resource conversion superiority, may research and develop nitrides chemical products which are blue-ocean, high value-added, to form a competitive product portfolio.

· Apply for patents and industrial/national/global standards to protect the company intellectual property right.

· Collect and process information and data of product portfolio, capacity, processes, quality, cost, major energy and material consumption of leading polysilicon manufacturing companies to set the industry benchmark, provide suggestions and measures to narrow the gaps; Collect and process information of silicon nitride technological development information and technological tendency, track and study latest development of alternative products and technologies.

· May perform research to assist with the development of the company future technology and product development programs and direction of the company future investment.

· Collect information of local raw materials, equipments, spare parts, technology providers, and recommend excellent local provider to the company, communicate with existing and potential local partners on behalf of the company.

· Recommend world-class experts of nitride powder and products(refer to silicon nitride ball and bearing),furthermore assist in talent introduction.
· Other duties as needed or assigned.

Required Experience

· Minimum a Bachelor Degree in chemical/mechanical/electrical engineering, chemistry, semiconductor, or related major, plus minimum 5 years of engineering, R&D, technical management or related experience in leading organosilicon manufacturing/ technology company; Minimum a Bachelor Degree in chemical/mechanica engineering, or related major, plus minimum 8 years of operation, training, and production shift/department management experience in leading organosilicon manufacturing company.

Strong knowledge of silicon nitride production processes and equipment, especially expert in at least one key aspect of silicon nitride products manufacturing, e.g. silicon nitride powder production and processing, processing of silicon nitride ball and bearing, high purity silicon nitride quality management, and staff training.
· Technical sphere:Advanced ceramic or artificial crystal
· Work experience requirements: Having work experience in one of the companies as follows: Kyocera, UBE , Dow-Corning,ALZ in Germany、H.C.Starck in Germany or Engaged in the related work of advanced ceramic or artificial crystal (R&D, design, technology, technology management) more than 10 years. Worked on related materials based on silicon or aluminum is preferred.
· Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.

· Ability to work with CAD, CFD, process simulation software and equipment.

· Knowledge of engineering fundamentals, theories, principles and practices related to process engineering, testing, troubleshooting and continuous improvement.

· Good time management and organizational skills, to successfully complete a wide variety of job duties and responsibilities in a timely manner.

· Good problem solving skills and ability to resolve complex problems in a timely manner.

· Good communication and presentation skills to properly communicate information of moderate complexity to peers and members of the management team at home and abroad.

For more information about this role please contact our Hong Kong office