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Job Purpose / Overview

Working in the Cost Discipline of Integrated Project Controls (IPC), under the direction and leadership of the IPC Cost & Forecasting Manager, to take responsibility for all aspects of Cost within either one of the Programme Controls Teams or the Central Controls Team within the HPC Project. To help lead the establishment, development, maintenance of timely, accurate cost data, and reports, including forecasts, performance analysis, earned value, cash flows, and monthly reports on the Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP). To support the client Energy in minimising the Estimate At Completion (EAC) for the Programme in accordance with best value.

It is the overarching objective of the Integrated Project Controls (IPC) Function to act as a centre of excellence: the intelligent owners of the single source of delivery performance information, operating as an integrated enabler for the successful delivery of the HPC Project.

Contextual Information

Operating Environment

Thinking Environment:

  • In order to understand the operating environment, the job-holder will be familiar with the following key documents:
  • Company Manual - outlines the purpose of the company;
  • Project Execution & Business Plan - describes the delivery strategy for the Project;
  • Project Delivery Model - signposts readers to key procedures;
  • Integrated Project Controls Manual - how work is undertaken in the Integrated Project Controls Function;
  • Discipline-specific Procedures - detailed activity steps, interfaces, etc.
  • The Nuclear environment is highly regulated by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR);
  • Nuclear Safety Culture is of paramount importance to the Project and embedded throughout.

Key Interfaces include:

  • Cost Discipline;
  • Other Project Controls Disciplines (Estimating, Scheduling, Risk, Performance Measurement & Analysis, Project Controls Managers (PCMs));
  • Project & Programme Managers;
  • Programme Director;
  • Supply Chain Function;
  • Finance Function.

Framework & Boundaries

Breadth of Responsibility:

  • People: As per the approved organisation chart. At the time of writing, the number of reports are: Direct - 4-5, Indirect - 0
  • In the Programme Control Teams, the jobholder will have responsibility for the budget and contracts held by the Programme;
  • In the Central Controls Team, the jobholder will have oversight of all Project budgets and contracts.

Challenges and Problem Solving:

  • Ensure alignment of data between Cost and other Disciplines of Integrated Project Controls;
  • Ensure alignment of ACWP and financial actuals;
  • Work with key interfaces to identify and understand issues and concerns;
  • Collaboratively resolve issues, implement corrective action or escalate as required.


  • The jobholder will be responsible for Project data within their area of work and will have authority to make decisions relating to the maintenance of the data. The jobholder's line manager will be accountable for the data and material decisions will be referred upwards accordingly.

Principal Accountabilities


  • Support the PCM or IPC Cost Manager in the development, implementation and maintenance of Integrated Project Controls processes for Cost, including the production of monthly reports, through the provision of intelligent information and analysis;
  • Assist in leading, coaching and supporting all staff within the Cost Discipline;
  • Collaborate with other Disciplines of Integrated Project Controls, as well as other Project Support Functions, to help deliver Project goals in keeping with the HPC principles of Trust, Transparency and Teamwork.

Core Processes:

  • Responsible for the production and maintenance of accurate cost and cash forecasts in alignment with the Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS);
  • Responsible for the accurate maintenance all cost data for the Programme within the financial control system (EcoSys), including monthly ACWP calculations;
  • Oversee and provide timely and focussed cost reporting for the Programme to key stakeholders, to a defined reporting cycle;
  • Responsible for the accurate assessment of the EAC for the Programme;
  • Responsible for ensuring that earned value techniques and indices are correctly implemented in the Programme;
  • Assist with the development of cost systems and reports capable of delivering the Project objectives;
  • Lead and ensure the assessment of all changes and accurate representation of approved changes within the Programme budgets;
  • Compare and analyse trends within the Programme and identify areas of risk and opportunities;
  • Oversee the review, acceptance and integration of cost estimates and forecasts provided by Tier 1 Contractors and suppliers;
  • Adhere to Project governance and Cost standards and procedures;
  • Ensure all Project documents, in particular Sensitive Nuclear Information, are correctly protectively marked, and protected in accordance with the client policies and procedures.