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11 months ago

Lead Field Service Engineer Rotating Machines, Reduction gears and Turbines

Role Summary:

The Lead Field Service Engineer (FSE) will provide technical direction for overhaul, repair and maintenance of equipment consisting of:  marine and industrial gear sets; and motor and generator bearings to customer repair teams. You will report to the FSE Manager and manage work items to support customer and internal requirements.

Essential Responsibilities:

As Lead Field Service Engineer you will:

· Perform technical service for safe and successful overhaul, repair and maintenance on marine main reduction gears, industrial gears, attached drives, alignments, motor and generator mechanical equipment. This will include providing technical direction to skilled labor performing work on customer sites to assure the executed work reflects the technical requirements and quality standards of the service request;

· Knowledge and ability to execute electrical tests in MV AC Electrical Motors and Generators: Insulation resistance, Winding resistance, voltage drop test, transformation ratio.

· Knowledge and ability to perform tests and inspections: Borescope inspections, Neutral zone adjustments, brush and brush holders' tests and adjustments, commutation inspection (surface condition, sparkling conditions, etc.).

· Knowledge and ability to perform motors & generators Start-up/Commissioning: Static tests, operational tests (temperature elevation, vibrational tests, electrical parameters, etc.).

· Knowledge and ability to execute assembly/disassembly of electrical components such as cables, capacitors, rtd´s, surge arresters, fan motors, CT´s, TC´s, winding (coil assembly, parts insulation, etc.), etc.

· Effectively communicate internally and with customers and skilled labor the job-planning requirements (including risk assessment, and technical requirements) that define in detail the operations to be performed through your review of the job requirements, engineering procedures, drawings, schedules, and process instructions;

· Prepare timely and accurate timesheets, expense account statements, and professional reports.

· Knowledge and ability to execute mechanical inspections in Large and Medium electrical rotating machines (motors & generators): Dimensional control Sleeve & roller bearings, air-gap inspections, metrology skills, etc.

· Knowledge and ability to perform shaft alignments: Flexible and solid couplings, Motor - Gear box / Load machines, Generator - gear box / turbine;

· Knowledge and ability to execute assembly/disassembly of mechanical components, machine parts such as rotor, stator, covers, heat exchanger, sleeve bearings, roller bearings, couplings, mechanical seals, etc.;