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about 2 months ago

Job Responsibilities:

  • To oversee the design, engineering, and building of a waste-to-energy project.
  • Oversee the execution and compliance with construction contracts, and collaborate with the construction team to ensure that contracts are completed with acceptable scopes of work.
  • Collaboration with a variety of parties, including Consortium Partners, EPC contractors, Sub- Contractors, Authorities and Consultants.
  • Supervision of detailed design and procurement operations, along with all connections between the EPC contractor and the firm.
  • Coordinate and coordinate the submission of documents to relevant authorities and agencies for approval.
  • Oversee the tracking and use of critical supplies and equipment.
  • To assure that all deliverables are of high quality and delivered on scheduled.
  • Manage the project's schedule and plan.
  • Through periodic reports, keep top management and others up to date on project progress and all developments affecting timelines, budgets, safety, and reputation.

Job Requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree in engineering is required, as well as 10 years of project development and management experience.

  • Stakeholder management and experience in the power generation business.

  • Experience evaluating and awarding vendor contracts.

  • Participating in tendering and bidding for new business.

  • Liaising and obtaining authorisation from the appropriate government body.

What's Interesting:

  • Energy, property, environmental management services, medical device manufacture, project management, and green technology are the five primary industries that are the company's focus.
  • Solid waste managementProperty development and investment, wood trade, infrastructure development, television news reporting, foreign investment, and investment holding are some of the businesses in which the company is involved. During the Asian financial crisis, a consolidation effort allowed the company to diversify its infrastructure projects as well as its non-performing assets and investments.

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