Electrical Commissioning Engineer - RNG

Job: Electrical Commissioning Engineer
Type: 12-month Contract - direct
Start Date: ASAP 
Location: On-site, Edwardsville, IL
Schedule: 10-4 Flexible, 40-hour work weeks + overtime (1.5x)
Per Diem: $146/work day

  • Candidates that come from Oil and Gas backgrounds
  • Candidates can come from Powerplant AND Electrical background
  • Candidates can come from Natural Gas and or Landfill Background
  • Experience with reading 1 line drawings
  • Experience with commissioning Compressor Stations
  • Experience with commissioning Piping Systems
  • Experience with reading and understanding equipment manuals (minimal training needed)
  • If they have Electrical Engineering Degree (5years exp)
  • If they have no degree (10 years exp)
  • Minimal PNID Training if needed - not preferred
  • Reading 1-line drawings
  • commissioning medium voltage switchgear controls
  • Developing and assisting with energizing new sites
  • Commissioning instrumentations and controls
  • Troubleshooting instrumentations and controls
  • Working with PLC drawing software and PLC systems
  • Review electrical design drawings, specifications, and schematics to understand system configurations, equipment layouts, and installation requirements
  • Develop commissioning plans and procedures specific to electrical systems, outlining the sequence of tests, inspections, and verifications required.
  • Supervise the installation of electrical equipment, including transformers, switchgear, control panels, instrumentation, and wiring systems, ensuring compliance with design standards and safety codes.
  • Perform pre-commissioning checks and inspections to verify that electrical installations are complete, correctly installed, and ready for energization.
  • Conduct functional testing of electrical systems and equipment to ensure they operate according to design specifications, including voltage checks, insulation resistance tests, continuity checks, and protective device coordination studies
  • Coordinate and conduct integration testing of electrical systems with other mechanical and control systems to verify proper functionality and interoperation
  • Work closely with instrumentation and control engineers to commission and test PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, and other control devices integral to RNG facility operations.
  • Identify and resolve electrical issues or discrepancies during commissioning, troubleshooting equipment, wiring, and control system problems to ensure proper functionality.
  • Maintain detailed records and documentation of commissioning activities, test results, equipment performance, and any modifications made during the commissioning process.
  • Ensure all electrical commissioning activities adhere to safety protocols, electrical codes, environmental regulations, and industry standards applicable to RNG facilities
  • Commissioning Certifications: CCP, PMP
  • CPR/First aid
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Job Details
Edwardsville, IL, United States
Job Type
26 JUN 2024
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