Spencer Ogden supports its contractors throughout the assignment cycle. This includes onboarding through our bespoke contractor portal and a dedicated point of contact who will respond to any queries that arise during an assignment away from your home location.

 We are committed to ensuring our contractors feel safe and supported and we offer access to our risk preparation tools, as well as emergency SMS or email updates should the assignment be in a high risk location. 24/7 emergency support is also provided for any contractor travelling outside their home country or to an offshore location.

We understand that moving somewhere new for a short-term job can be stressful, so we make this as seamless as possible by giving contractors access to our country specific app. This includes information on cultural practices, emergency service information and key local facts and figures, including weather reports. This allows you to focus on your assignment without having to spend time researching your new location.

For more information, get in touch with our dedicated  Compliance and Contractor Services team.