In episode one ‘True leadership in renewable energy’, Mindy speaks to Aron Branam, Vice President, Development and Construction at Averon about his transition from Associate Director to VP and how they are prioritising diversity in their workforce.

The Show

We’ll be opening up bi-monthly discussions with thought leaders in the industry about the human element of the renewable energy landscape. We’ll be covering the dynamic and innovative environment of renewable energy, asking how we can create a progressive workforce that champions diversity and delving into what a truly sustainable future looks like. Join us for in-depth discussions, interesting debate and thoughtful dialogue!

The host

The SOap Box Series will be hosted by Mindy Prefling, Senior Manager of Client Services at Spencer Ogden. Mindy welcomes open honest conservations and aims to further discourse in the renewable energy sector. She’s had a long-standing career in recruitment and believes in taking a people-centric approach to it.

The guests

If you’re a thought leader in the renewable energy space, we’d love to hear from you. We feature a diverse range of guests made up of prominent industry professionals who want to bring new topics of conversation to an open forum. We also welcome guests from more traditional industries such as oil and gas to add a different perspective to the conversation. Our aim is to give a platform to a variety of voices within the sector.

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