At SO we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all employees, contractors, workers and job applicants. We recognise the importance of celebrating diversity and creating an environment where everyone is treated fairly.

Developing relationships with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures is intrinsic to our business, with equality and diversity underpinning our vision and strategy. We’ve put policies in place to ensure that we continue to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at SO.

Recruitment and selection

We avoid stereotyping and using wording that may discourage groups with a particular protected characteristic from applying to our job advertisements. 

We endeavour to include a short policy statement regarding equal opportunities onto every job advertisement. 


Progression and development

Workforce composition and promotions are monitored to ensure equality of opportunity at all levels of the Company. Where appropriate, steps are taken to identify and remove unjustified barriers and to meet the special needs of disadvantaged or underrepresented groups. Managers are given appropriate training on equal opportunities and selection best practice.

Programme One 

In November 2020, we came together with 7 other recruitment companies to discuss the significant underrepresentation of Black talent. Nine months later we joined forces and created Programme One to redefine equal opportunity within our industry.

Our strategic ambition is to remove the barriers to the recruitment of 500 more Black recruiters into our sector annually.

To discuss your diversity, equity and inclusion needs, or if you’d like additional support or advice, please contact us at