​Spencer Ogden are excited to announce that they have launched their bespoke global online learning platform, the Pod. Created by Spencer Ogden’s global award-winning learning and development function, the platform will change how learning is experienced at SO and create the potential for blended learning experiences in classrooms and online.

Spencer Ogden are committed to giving all their people the opportunity to thrive in their chosen roles at SO. The Pod will allow people to learn and develop at their own speed giving them access to learning on demand from wherever they are in the world.
Complete with a wide range of courses tailored to an individual’s role, the personalised platform is designed to enhance an individual’s professional development throughout their career. Each course is delivered using highly interactive content and each module is complete with an assessment so everyone is able to measure their performance.

Nicola Oates, Learning and Development Director, “We are really excited to launch our e-learning platform the Pod, continuing our commitment to supporting and developing our people. The Pod allows staff to learn anywhere, anytime. The specialist courses not only provide valuable professional development but are designed in a way that both suits modern learning styles and fits with the busy working environment.” 

If you are interested in starting a career in recruitment or interested in finding out more about how you can develop your career at SO, get in touch. Find all the details for our global officeshere.

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