Job details

£100k per year
Job Type
12 Monate her


  1. Produce detailed drawings, plan sets, and volume calculations for various disciplines, including landfills.
  2. Maintain constant communication with Project Managers and Senior Engineers regarding project work and designs.
  3. Listen attentively and understand inquiries, providing optimal solutions for implementation.
  4. Assist in design tasks for all production assignments, conducting research to solve design problems and collaborating with other resources to streamline processes.
  5. Develop design concepts and generate project design deliverables based on sketches, written and/or verbal instructions.
  6. Exercise judgment and make decisions regarding deliverables and interpretation of input.
  7. Ensure that design concepts and deliverables are comprehensive, meeting company or client requirements, applicable codes, and standards.
  8. Revise project drawings based on feedback from the Project Manager and/or Engineer.
  9. Establish and manage electronic document file structure and naming conventions in accordance with company or client standards.
  10. Collaborate closely with Project Managers and Engineers to establish and manage contract and construction drawings.
  11. Create and modify base drawings for use in various documents.
  12. Work efficiently as a productive team member and proficient AutoCAD user, handling a typical set of project documents from start to finish with professional quality output that adheres to company and client standards.
  13. Manage multiple projects simultaneously in different locations and states.
  14. Adhere to CAD standards.
  15. Conduct a final review of drawings to ensure completeness, clarity, and accuracy.
  16. Prepare technical reports, such as operating plans, CQA reports, and permit applications.
  17. Analyze technical data using tools like Excel.
  18. Apply logic and creativity in resolving design issues.
  19. Effectively communicate with colleagues and superiors.
  20. Utilize computer-aided design (AutoCAD) software to design landfill projects.
  21. Perform construction observation and document findings.