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6 Monate her


  1. Assist process engineering design and coordinate process engineering deliverables with Engineering firm Including, but not limited to:
    1. Review vendor equipment approval drawings with focus on interface management between vendors
    2. Review/approve PIDs generated
    3. Review/approve PFDs generated
    4. Review/approve Area Process Narratives/Functional descriptions
    5. Review/approve Equipment specifications
    6. Review/Approve Instrumentation specifications
    7. Review/approve project Basis of Technical Design
    8. Review/approve mass and energy balances
  2. Perform project engineering role with focus on schedule and on facilitating clear communication between the various stakeholders on technical barriers to design advancement.
  3. Support construction efforts by answering technical questions and providing quality control oversight on installation and startup
  4. Assist with equipment layout development
  5. Provide technical assistance to procurement and project management with equipment bidding process, including package documentation, bidding, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)s and bid comparisons. Generate project mass and energy balances
  6. Review and provide feedback on equipment, line, valve, specialty item and instrumentation lists generated by Engineering firm.
  7. Ensure project compliance with engineering and equipment standards
  8. Apply process safety management (PSM) experience to assist with items such as management of change (MOC) and pre-start up safety reviews (PSSR).
  9. Interface effectively with commercial, safety, accounting, legal, environmental, engineering, QA/QC, process safety management, and procurement to assist with project needs.
  10. Develop plans for commissioning/start-up and assist in executing same.

Education/Experience/Skills Required

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or applicable related field.
  2. 5 to 10 year total industry experience
  3. Minimum of 5 years experience with field work or operations or construction
  4. Minimum of 5 years experience working with Process Safety principles
  5. Experienced in using TEAMS, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Visio and PowerPoint
  6. Experienced in using Navisworks 3D viewing software
  7. Builds Shared Vision