Environmental, Social & Governance

Our mission is 'To leverage our global position and conduct socially and environmentally responsible business which benefits
communities and follows clear principles of equitability, diversity, progression, and sustainability.

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Making A Positive Impact

Over the past 13 years, our business has had a positive impact on candidates and clients in parallel with our own journey to success. Our ESG pillars support us in our endeavours as we focus on corporate social responsibility, supporting the natural environment in which we live and work, while upholding high ethical standards.

​At Spencer Ogden, we commit to going beyond standard requirements to support our sustainability objectives. We hold ourselves accountable for the environmental impact our business operations have on the environment, recognising that elements such as heating and business travel negatively impact on our CO2 emissions. Therefore, we have invested in carbon credits to offset that impact. In 2021, we successfully became a carbon neutral business, certified by Climate Partner. However, we want to go further and do more.

​Our Pledge To Net-Zero

​This year, we proudly pledge to become carbon net-zero by 2030 and have signed up to the Science-Based Target initiative (SBTi) to achieve this goal. We have purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in addition to carbon credits, to actively reduce our scope two emissions. Our Denver office’s electricity supply runs solely from 100% wind-sourced renewable energy.
Additionally, as of 2021, we are a carbon neutral business.

As we continue our development in the renewable energy industry, we understand the value in integrity of environmental consciousness in business. That is why we have also added the below initiatives to reduce our environmental impact:

  • Established an ESG Committee with global, cross-departmental, and multi-level representation
  • Outlined a clear sustainable travel policy governing the requirements of essential business travel
  • Assigned Energy Champions in each region to lead our transition to green energy
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Our Charity Partners

Spencer Ogden is proud to work with two impact partners who both support environmental and social development to create a better world for future generations. To increase our positive impact, and donations, each partnership is creatively integrated with the internal performance of our teams.

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​UN Sustainable Development Goals

Improving our global impact and the projects we support is governed in line with our endorsement of the following UNSDGs:

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When we think about what defines us, we think about the way in which our business is governed and the standards we hold ourselves accountable for. Our resolute compliance team strive continuously to ensure our contractors, bids and overall processes protect the best interests of our clients, candidates, and employees. Our ESG team ensures environmental standards are governed and maintained with integrity.
The quality of our business operations has been reinforced by our ISO 9001:2015 accredited status which we have held since 2015. Our Quality Management team rigorously audit internal performance across relevant departments to ensure our standards, from onboarding to leadership and introduction to agreement, is the highest it can be.

Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact is bolstered by our ISO 14001:2015 accreditation. It forms the basis for our environmental governance and wider environmental strategy, focusing on emissions reductions, waste management, and transitioning to renewable energy. We aim to facilitate environmental change through our work with clients leading the energy transition, as well as our actions internally.

Following the challenges presented by the Covid 19 pandemic, we have updated and expanded our risk register and mitigation framework to ensure we anticipate and plan for future liabilities. Our commitment to our people and partners rests upon our ability to ensure our longevity in developing surroundings and markets. As a result of this, we regularly review and calculate our responses to all risks we encounter as a business

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