ISO 9001

The ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally renowned certification. It recognises the presence of stringent quality-management systems functioning within the operational structure of an organisation. This accreditation emphasises to clients that optimised customer service is a direct result of the management procedures in place. 

Spencer Ogden was awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification based on the rigorous quality-control procedures and policies built into the company’s global framework. The extensive criteria cover the key areas contributing to the delivery of quality management. All levels of management within the company are holistically committed to ensuring these high standards are regularly maintained and monitored; carrying out regular auditing processes such as individual appraisals, team meetings, and management reviews. 

The company’s business objectives have been effectively integrated into the company’s long-term quality plan. Not only does this highly respected accreditation provide additional reassurance of Spencer Ogden’s operational infrastructure, it also underlines the quality of service we offer. From project inception to delivery, quality is of utmost importance with substantial importance and demonstrated in all areas of the business. 

Spencer Ogden
Spencer Ogden
Spencer Ogden

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Spencer Ogden to maintain a quality system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 in pursuit of its primary objectives, the purpose and the context of the organisation. The quality provides a framework for setting, monitoring, reviewing and achieving our objectives. It is the policy of Spencer Ogden to: 

  • Ensure the company maintains its awareness for continuous improvement and to continually assess potential risks to the organisation

  • Ensure that customer service to clients and contractors is an essential part of the quality process. It is the policy of Spencer Ogden to ensure all employees receive training to ensure awareness and understanding of quality and its impact on customer service

  • Ensure we are ahead of the any forecasted or pending legal requirements, codes of practice and all other requirements applicable to our activities to ensure all processes are altered to ensure compliance; Provide all the required resources to our trained and competent staff

  • Ensure that all employees are made aware of their individual obligations in respect of this quality policy and are fully aware of the quality objectives of Spencer Ogden; Ensure the Board of Directors are regularly reviewing the results of audits and the continual progressions of the Quality Management System