Fraudulent Emails

How to recognise and report

The recruitment industry, like all areas of modern business, can from time to time be targeted by fraudsters who using ‘phishing’ scams to target unsuspecting victims. As prudent and responsible recruitment business, Spencer Ogden would like to advise its clients and contractors to remain vigilant.

With any payment, there may be a risk posed by cyber fraud, specifically affecting email accounts and bank account details. A typical ‘phishing scam’ may involve emails purporting to come from a recruitment business email account informing clients of a change of bank details and requesting payments to be made to a new bank account or alternatively asking contractors to make payments on behalf of a recruitment business.

Please do be aware of and on the lookout for phishing scams such as the above.

For your piece of mind, we can confirm that Spencer Ogden has not and has no plans to change its bank details, as such it is very unlikely Spencer Ogden will need to notify of change of bank account details. If, however, our bank details do change, Spencer Ogden will always notify such change by at least two separate notification methods including via email with the bank details enclosed in letter format on company letterhead. Furthermore, nor will Spencer Ogden ever ask any of our contractors to make payments on our behalf or to make payments to us without legitimate reason or supporting evidence.

If you are in any doubt of the legitimacy of any received correspondence purporting to come from Spencer Ogden, please do verify the details directly with us by calling our Head Office.