Whilst eliminating systemic racism across all minority ethnic groups is a long term ambition, it is often people with Black heritage who are found most disadvantaged.

In November 2020, we came together with 7 other recruitment companies to discuss the significant underrepresentation of Black talent in the recruitment sector. Nine months later we joined forces and created Programme One to redefine equal opportunity .

Our strategic ambition is to remove the barriers to the recruitment of 500 more Black recruiters into our sector annually.

We are committed to delivering meaningful change that challenges bias and redefines equal opportunity.

Spencer Ogden Recruitment

Our strategic objectives

As a partner of Programme One, we are committed to delivering four simple strategic objectives:

1. To embed a Diversity, Inclusion and Respect strategy within our business

2. To remove any barriers to hiring Black recruiters, so that our organisation matches the Black representation in our local community

3. For every Black recruit hired there is a commitment that they have access to a mentor

4. To widening our talent attraction methods and techniques

To discuss your diversity, equity and inclusion needs, or if you’d like additional support or advice, visit the the dedicated Programme One website here.