Online Timesheet Portal

Overview of the portal.

Spencer Ogden have invested in an Online Timesheet Portal to improve efficiencies within the organisation and streamline our payroll process.

There are a number of benefits to our clients:

  • Ease of use
  • Web-based, time tracking system
  • Access – from a PC or Mobile
  • Change password or forgotten password functionality
  • User guide and FAQs for assistance
  • Online secure 24/7 authorisation of time and expenses
  • Reminder emails of outstanding timesheets to be authorised
  • More than one authoriser allowed but an escalation process is followed using a timeline
  • Ability to reject time sheets and expenses directly back to your workers through the portal
  • Audit history of rejections and approvals per timesheet and expense
  • Complete transparency on all assignments, timesheets, expenses, invoices and credit notes history for all workers which can be viewed individually and some information can be exported to excel

To learn more or to demo the portal please reach out to your local office here.