Making a positive impact

The energy landscape is changing and it's important for us as a business to have a positive impact on the environment in which we live and work.

​We are proud to work with two impact partners who both support environmental and social development to create a better world for future generations.

Seven Clean Seas (SCS) is a Bali-based Ocean impact organisation dedicated to ridding the oceans of plastic pollution by creating systemic & sustainable change since 2018. Seven Clean Seas builds ocean plastic recovery projects across global plastic pollution hotspots. All this whilst providing formalised, fair jobs in the communities, along with prioritising education on the plastic crisis for local communities and schools most affected.

In 2021 we also partnered with Cool Earth; a UK based charity which works with rainforest communities to halt deforestation, increase carbon storage potential, and develop the local community. Their work builds education and sanitation infrastructure in Papua New Guinea, the Amazon, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), prioritising community-led, adaptable support in each location. 


Current total donation

10,977 kg

of ocean plastic removed

Spencer Ogden x Seven Clean Seas

Starting in Singapore as a community organisation facilitating ocean plastic recovery projects across global plastic pollution hotspots, Seven Clean Seas have become a global organisation with worldwide funding towards their pioneering ocean and river cleaning technologies. SCS have close ties to our Singapore office, who have participated in multiple volunteering programmes clearing beaches in their locations. 
We recognise that our partnership is mutually beneficial to our people, the oceans, and the sustenance of jobs in Indonesian regions. Therefore, we have committed to fight the ocean plastic pollution crisis through plastic offsetting.
We’ve made a commitment to help fight the ocean plastic pollution crisis through plastic offsetting. For every successful candidate placed into a job, Seven Clean Seas will remove 1kg of plastic from the ocean. 
Together, we have removed over 7,500kg of plastic since 2021, and have aligned our 2023 target of 6173kg with our corporate growth budget. As we grow, so does our partnership and we look forward to supporting Seven Clean Seas even further in their development.  

Spencer Ogden x Cool Earth

We wanted our support for Cool Earth to intertwine with the recognition and reward aspect of our culture here at Spencer Ogden, particularly our internal peer-to-peer PACE recognition scheme. So, for each  PACE  recognition given globally between peers, Spencer Ogden commits to donating £3 towards supporting Cool Earth’s work in the rainforests. Now, every time our colleagues recognise each other’s performance in line with our company (PACE) values, they can be proud to have supported environmental and social change at the same time!

Since our partnership began, we have donated over £9,100; the equivalent of protecting 915 trees, building toilets and sanitation facilities in 2 schools or health centres, or covering enrolment and book costs for over 271 students for a year. Our 2023 goal is to increase our partnership by identifying new ways we can partner to reach our target donation amount of £4,785.