Payroll Process

Spencer Ogden’s contractors are paid to the appropriate Limited or Management/Umbrella Company as per the contractor’s contract. The frequency and requirements for payments to be made on time are outlined below.

​For more details on timesheets, please visit our timesheets page.

​For payment or invoicing queries please email:
For contractual queries please email:



Payroll Timescales 

  • Timesheets/expense claim forms must be submitted to by 5pm on the first Monday of the month for monthly bill or 5pm each Monday for weekly bill
  • Timesheets must be submitted for payment via self-bill within 30 days of the date worked
  • Expenses must be submitted within 30 days of the date on receipt
  • If documents are correctly submitted, payment will be released to either the Management Company or Limited Company

Expenses procedure

  • Receipts should be numbered in line with the lists on the claim form
  • Conversion rates should be shown on the expense form with a pdf attachment showing a screen shot of the conversion rate used
  • Expenses must be signed and approved by the client
  • Per diem (if contractually applicable) must be invoiced through timesheets and not expenses
  • Expenses must be claimed in line with contractually agreed pay frequency along with timesheets

Document submission

  • Should the contractor fail to submit expenses, timesheets and invoices in line with the above processes, they will be rejected and risk delay or non-payment
  • Timesheets should not be submitted to both Spencer Ogden and your management/umbrella company (if applicable). If you contract through your own limited company, payment shall be made via Spencer Ogden's self-bill system upon submission of timesheets
  • Expense claim forms and receipts must be submitted as one pdf document
  • All expense documents, timesheets and any additional documentation (e.g. invoices if applicable and not working via self-bill) must be submitted as three separate pdf documents
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