Timesheet information.

For a guide on how and when to submit timesheets, please refer to the payroll pack issued with your onboarding documents. Please refer  below by the region you are working in.

For other payroll queries please refer to our payroll process page or contact our dedicated contractor teams.

EMEA Region:

​Below are a selection of timesheets that are tailored to the various assignment schedules we may agree with our Client. Select the one that matches your payment frequency and please ensure you follow the timesheet set-up outlined at the start of your assignment. Please complete only the rates agreed in your contract. 

All contractors should use the Spencer Ogden online timesheets portal and should contact their consultant if they have not received links to these. Paper timesheets should only be used where agreed as exempt.

If you have any questions about the process please contact Payroll at so.payquery@spencer-ogden.com.

Monthly Pay Frequency:

Hourly Rate
Daily Rate
Weekly Rate
Monthly Rate

Weekly Pay Frequency:

Hourly Rate
Weekly Rate

Americas Region:

If you have any questions about the process please, email  usapayrollqueries@spencer-ogden.com.

Completed timesheets and expense reports are to be sent to houston.timesheets@spencer-ogden.com for US workers.