A Race Against Time

Mobilising to South America

Drilling contractors run under strict manning and certification regulations, where extensive penalties can be issued to offshore drilling rigs that have unskilled personnel on board. Such consequences can lead to substantial loss in revenue and potential bankruptcy.


A leading oil services company contacted Spencer Ogden to assist in an urgent situation involving a conventional drillship that was stationed in a Trinidadian Shipyard for refurbishment and repairs. The drillship had overstayed the maximum allotted time in the shipyard and was being forced by officials to either vacate or incur a penalty of $600,000 USD per day. 

Spencer Ogden were asked to source and supply experienced rig based personnel, whilst ensureing all travel and arrival onsite was less than eighteen hours from commencement. Upon arrival, the drillship needed to leave the shipyard to make its trip to Venezuela.


  • A Sourcing and vetting of highly skilled experts with relevant experience, valid certifications, medicals, background checks, and drug screens 

  • Using Spencer Ogden’s experienced mobilisation team to get personnel onsite in record time

  •  Invoicing & payroll in accordance with all local and international tax laws


By creating a bespoke solution, Spencer Ogden were able to solve a unique problem for the client. 

This impressive example of customer service and personnel commitment resulted in Spencer Ogden becoming the client’s preferred supplier to support all its international contract and permanent personnel. 

  • Candidates contacted: 800+

  • Candidates shortlist screened: 509

  • Candidate CV’s submitted: 392

  • Candidates interviewed: 325

  • Candidates offered: 199

  • Candidates hired: 185

A Race Against Time
02 JUN 2024
Natural Resources
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